The Ordinary Lives of Others

Ten Tales from a Small Town

Ring it

A collection of short stories set in a small New England town, told through the eyes of a boy with unique access and perspective into the lives of others.


Our lives and landscapes have stories to tell.

 "These stories are 'ordinary' only in the sense that they deal with everyday people. They are extraordinary in what they illuminate about ourselves, our fears and aspirations, and the human spirit."

- Brian Falla


"...wise, thoughtful, and generous in its assessment of the not-so-ordinary people in a small New England town. It is simple and profound, sad and joyful, and the writing style is excellent." 

- Dr. Lois Cuddy


"'s campfire and back-porch with a little Cheever, Bradbury and Springsteen mixed in. There's a great deal of difference between a good story well told and plain old small town gossip." 

- Lawrence Thompson

The Ordinary Lives of Others

"Out of his flannel coat pocket Dad pulled a can of Natural Light. In one quick motion he hooked his finger through the eyehole of the metal tab and ripped it off the can. The two of us sat in the snow under the glow of the streetlight, in silence."
"She told him his father wanted a portion of his remains to be buried in the family plot at the town cemetery and a portion to be cast into the sea. His mother instructed him to gather the boys from the shop and finish the job."
"When Billy's worn down high top sneakers crossed through the doorway of Whispering Pines Elementary School, he walked right through a threshold that, up until that moment, had remained unnoticed and uncrossed." 

Told Through the Eyes of Another

"I was usually given the benefit of the doubt, rarely looked upon with suspicion (even when I should have been), and allowed access to places, situations, and conversations that other boys my age might have been shooed away from."
"The people of my small New England hometown led ordinary lives, and within their ordinary lives there were extraordinary moments in time...moments in time that were witnessed and retained by the son of a minister."

"Something happens when we reach a certain age. There comes a moment in time when we realize that we are running out of time, or at least realize that we have wasted much of the time we have been given."