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His name is Walter and when he tells stories about his youth he refers to himself as once being, "a strong son of a bitch."

Walter is an old man now, pushing 82. When he does swear he never sounds crass or vulgur. He can be salty for sure, but when he uses profanity it somehow seems appropriate, or it adds an element of flavoring to a story that makes it sound more appetizing to the listener. Walter is very genuine.

Walter was indeed strong - he was Farm Strong, and his bones and muscles were developed from time and repetition - raking hay, bailing hay, lifting hay, throwing hay, and living the manual life of a farmer. When he was young and when Walter needed something done he did it himself. That is how his generation lived and how it provided for others. That is also how Walter continues to live today, as each day is comprised of a series of tasks and each day is considered a reason to get something done. There is nothing tedious or negative about this mindset. Walter has always had a workman-like approach to life.

When we set our eyes on someone for the first time there are certain characteristics we tend to notice right away - it is usually either the mark of a blemish or a pleasing feature. When people set their eyes on Walter for the first time they notice his barrel chest. He is short in stature but his chest stands out proud and strong, like a bull. Its presence is often further accentuated as he often stands with his hands clasped behind his back, and when he looks at you he does so by peering over the tops of his eyeglasses, with an expression featuring raised eyebrows and a jutting jaw. When he does this he looks thoughtful, as if he were a professor rendering an opinion on his area of expertise. Walter's silvery hair is slicked back in a dated style, but given his other old-school attributes the style seems quite relevant.

Walter's body is aging, and the muscles and bones that he used to build his family and his life have weakened, and they do not serve his mind in the manner that they once did. I would imagine that this frustrates him to no end.

In his prime, Walter was a proud man, a kind man, a stubborn man, a handsome man, a family man, and a gentleman. He remains all of those things today...and Walter is still one strong son of a bitch.

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